Professional Basement Remodeling in Millburn, NJ

When you have an unfinished basement, you are losing a lot of valuable space in your home. A remodeled basement can be used for much more than mere storage; this space can be an extra bedroom, a playroom, a home theater, or even an office space. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to basement remodeling in Millburn, NJ, by Gomez Vision Construction, LLC.

As your basement remodeling contractor, we discuss what you would like to do with the space so that our team can get to work designing the perfect mockup for you to view. Once you see how everything comes together, our remodeling contractor will then get to work performing your comprehensive basement makeover. Once you see the final product, you are going to wonder why you didn’t reach out to us sooner.

Drain Installation & Repair Services for Basements

Do you have drainage in your basement? Maybe you are planning to add a bathroom or kitchenette during your basement renovation. No matter what your plans may be, when it comes to drain work in your basement, our remodeling contractor is ready to get the job done for you. Contact us to learn about installing or updating your plumbing and drainage.

Our drain repair services provide the solutions you need when there are problems in your basement. The first signs of a drainage issue can vary, but they are all cause for concern. If you see water or wet areas in the basement, or if a corner or room smells musty or damp, chances are you have a drainage problem. Our trained technicians will find the source of the leak and provide a diagnosis. The solution for leakage in your basement depends on the location and cause of the leak, the extent of the damage, and whether it has caused additional problems. A leak can often create a domino effect that can impact the integrity of your walls, floors, and foundation.

Our drain repair service team will fix the problem and assess any additional damage caused by the leak. Drywall, carpets, and casings are often the first casualties in the war against basement leaks, so be prepared for some remodeling and repair work. Once the drain repair service is complete, we can get your space back to the way it was — or better. Call today for more information on how you can prevent drainage and plumbing issues in your basement.